Thursday, December 18, 2008

How did Direct TV end up America's best satellite TV provider?

Direct TV is great for these reasons:

You get over 225 quality channels, plus access to 25 sport networks and 31 premium movie channels, over 50 choices for pay-per-view a day, local channels in most areas, and the best quality picture and sound that satellite television can provide.

Compared the cable TV, Direct TV goes above and beyond any service that your cable service can provide. With Direct TV satellite dish you access programming for more than 225 channels with digital sound and quality. The Direct TV system consists of 3 basic parts, a small, 18in., round satellite dish, or with the Plus system you get an oval dish, 18in. X 24 in., a digital set top receiver with direct tv access card and a remote control.

The Direct TV satellite dish can be mounted outside a home, apartment, business, hospital, private office, fitness complex, RV or even on a corporate jet. Your Direct TV satellite system will bring you sporting events, all the family channels, Disney channels, CNN, ESPN and others. All you have to do is pick the programming package you want or choose a total choice package.

Professional installation is recommended and is not usually expensive. Check around because prices of your Direct TV system will vary at different retailers, or you may be lucky enough to find one of the free Direct TV satellite system distributors out there. Sound interesting? You'll find that the system and its installation is free, subject to change, with a designated time period contract for your programming.

If you move, you can take the dish with you anywhere in the U.S. If you wish to sell your equipment, the new owner can call and get a new Direct TV access card for a small fee and continue the service. If you want Direct TV satellite system on more than one TV you can purchase a second direct tv receiver. With both receivers connected to the same line, you will only pay a small monthly fee of about $4.99 for the second receiver. Please note that your dish must be two receiver compatible and have a dual LBN.

Parents will be happy that they have a lock or limit feature for rating and spending control. With a customized on-screen program guide you have the control in the palm of your hand.

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